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Mortal Body and Energy

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I was away from my usual writing for a week due to being really tired because of a casting I did. I was in need for some time to “heal” myself and I didn’t want to do anything as long as I was feeling vulnerable. So I decided to write an article about it. About the mortal body and the energies inside it.

Well, Witches or not , all human beings, have mortal bodies. This means that their bodies one day will worn out and eventually die. When casting a spell, encounter or absorb energy, the body is pushed to its limits. Every single one of us has a different tolerance in their body, which means that some of us can handle more or less energy transfer than others.

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Human body, works with energy, bioelectrical energy that is generated when the brain cells consume the energy from the food we eat (to put it in a very simplistic way). And some other forms of energies. The point is, that human body is like a high tech machine, very delicate, and easier to brake than you might think.

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Imagine a battery connected to a light bulb. If you run too much energy through the current, the battery cannot hold it and store it and as a result the light bulb will burn or even explode! Might sound like a silly example but it is very similar to how we function. The amazing thing about humans and human-like creatures, is that our mortal bodies can be repaired as long as we do not reach the state of death. So for someone to die because of his own energy, it has to be a really unlucky person.

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