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Magical Laws, Virtues, Works, and Opus

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

From day one of one’s initiation to the Craft, the practitioner sets some goals which then tries to fulfil on a daily basis. These goals are taught as “laws” and they are the core of the initiate’s virtues and works, their personal opus! These are the following:

Know Thyself

It is very important for the initiate to have a detailed knowledge of themselves, their abilities, flaws, and to accept all that in order to better themselves, not just as a single person in society, but also as a practitioner of the Craft.


Knowledge is a very powerful tool, and is the foundation of wisdom. They need to go after knowledge, thus, they are always going after wisdom, not just on subjects of the occult, but in as many subjects as possible. Wisdom is not something that will be granted by one-sided knowledge, it needs spherical knowledge that comes in multiple paths and a variety of subjects.

Knowledge of the Craft

Semi-learning is a dangerous thing, and can become even more dangerous when it comes to magic. The initiate, should never rely on their existing knowledge as there is always something they don’t know about. Here, is where the golden rule of Socrates applies “all I know is that I know nothing”. The initiate always tries to expand their horizons in order to never feel that they know everything around the subject, thus, they never stop learning. Then, they come to realise that the answer to a question, gives birth to even more questions.

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Applying Knowledge with Wisdom

Knowledge that has been applied wrongly can become very dangerous. They need to always strive to achieve the wise application of what they know, they are always asking themselves what it’s the best course of action before they make any decisions.

Ballance and Justice

The initiate ought to be balanced and to strive for the establishing of balance around them. They know the duality of all things just as they know that nothing can exist without their counterpart. This is why they’re trying to be not too soft but not hard either with themselves or those around them, but balanced, and just.

Thoughts, Writings, and Speech.

The initiate takes care so that their thoughts, writing, and speech are in order and composed in a correct manner. Uncoordinated thoughts reveal that the person does not know what they want, what they believe in, what to do in order to control themselves. The wise person writes and speaks in such a way that the brilliance of the spirit is shown and it reflects their inner peace and balance.

Life is a Celebration

Life is neither a curse or a punishment, but a sacred gift. They should know that life can teach them with valuable experiences, which even if they are hard sometimes, they don’t seize to be divine wisdom. They are not sad because of their material, incomplete existence, but they celebrate it and they are happy about it. They are trying to learn as much as possible and experience the most out of it.

In Harmony with Nature

Nature is a part of us and we are part of nature. The initiative strives to achieve harmony with nature, knowing that they ought to protected and to let it protect them, but also protect themselves from it. In addition, they are trying so that their existence and actions do not clash with the laws of nature, and then accept that some of the needs are part of their nature, even if they’re clashing with human laws, either society based or ethical ones. They try to satisfy these needs, in such a way that they do not go against the laws of man or nature. It’s a hard task, but not an impossible one.


Wisdom, is not only about strengthening our spirits, but it is also about respecting our bodies. The initiate never works on one by neglecting the other, as they need each other, but they try to equally take care of their mind and body. They meditate frequently, eat correctly, exercise, avoid the use of substances that poison the mind or the body, and respect their nature.

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