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Love Magic

Book of the Week # 20

Every Wednesday is BOOK-CLUB day! A day where we share with you our favourite book recommendation for the week!

This Book of the Week is:

Love Magic – A Handbook of Spells, Charms, and Potions

-By Anastasia Greywolf

Whether you’re hoping to catch that person you’ve been secretly in love with for the past five months or perhaps an unrequited crush is not getting your subtle hints, the one true adage is that love has no rules and sometimes needs a little help or gentle nudge. To help readers navigate through their amorous adventures, LOVE MAGIC makes love as easy as simply knowing the right words. Inside, readers will find timeless incantations, mystical concoctions and homemade talismans that will help them harness their inner love powers to: · Attract love · Find out you who you’ll marry · Become a better lover (or make your mate one!) · Keep your love going strong · Bring good fortune to your beloved · End and forget about a love

Get the Book Here:

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