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King Solomon and the Demon of the Wind

Updated: Jun 14

The power of Solomon over the demons had increased so much that he could subdue even the fiercest of them all. So, one day, Adaris, the king of the Arabs, sent a message to the king of Jerusalem, begging him to save his land from a terrible demon, which was blowing their winds all over the country. The wind would last from dawn until noon, every day. Solomon then called one of his trusted servants and ordered him to take a camel, as well as a leather flask and travel to Arabia, where this devilish and terrible spirit was blowing the winds. The kind also gave his trusted servant a ring with his seal and after advising him how to use it, he let him go. When the servant arrived in the area he waited until the dawn. The savage and evil spirit began to blow their winds as usual. When the servant saw the demon, he placed the flask on the ground and then he positioned the ring onto the mouth of the flask. When the vial filled up, he realized that he had entrapped the demon inside the flask and he quickly sealed the bottle, as he had been instructed to do so by his master. The fierce wind, had now disappeared and the Arabs who were surprised, praised the Lord who gave Kind Solomon such a great strength and wisdom.

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