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Introduction to Sigil Magick

Sigils are one of the most efficient practices in Magick. There are different kinds of sigils that are divided by their use in two large groups.

The sigils that are created by a practitioner in order to create mental triggers for certain tasks based on influences or qualities and to aid in magickal workings, are called “Mental Sigils”. By the term “Mental Sigils” we refer to all sigils that are used as the visual representation of the practitioner’s mindset, will, thoughts, intentions and desired outcome. The term, derives from the Hebrew word סגולה (segula) which is a word that has the meanings of “property, quality, virtue” and is used to indicate words and/or actions.

The second large group, are the sigils that have a symbolic meaning, not only for the practitioner’s (user’s) mind, but they also have a meaning and effect in the physical world. These sigils are called “Physical Sigils” and the term derives from the Latin word “sigillum” that has the meanings of “seal, figure, statuette” and is used to indicate the physical representation of an idea. By the term “Physical Sigils” we refer to sigils that are used as the visual and physical representation of ideas, qualities, spirits, and all that is in existence.

These for example are the sigils that have been used in medieval magick grimoires to represent demons, creatures, spells and more.

In detail:

Mental Sigils: are tools that can be used in order to “program” one’s brain to function in a certain way. Subconsciously, they stimulate one’s desire to achieve a goal and influence their actions so they can act towards it.

To achieve this, one has to register the sigil’s meaning in their subconscious mind so they can act and work towards their goal by “instinct” and select the appropriate path and actions that will lead them to the desired outcome.


A practitioner could create a sigil that will influence them to find the will to study every time they see a red ball. Then they can place a red spherical object by their desk, so every time they pass by, subconsciously they get the desire to sit down and study.

A practitioner might create a sigil that will influence them to become more productive. This can be in general, about their employment or a project etc. So after the sigil has been created and registered, every time they make a thought about the pre-set subject, they are subconsciously influenced to become productive and engaging regarding the subject.

One can meditate on and use a ready made sigil or create their own from scratch if their experience allows it.

Mental sigils have to be registered and activated through specific techniques in order to function properly.

Physical Sigils: also called “Seals of Power”, are symbols that are created and used to carry a property/influence within them so they can be used in the physical world and/or create changes in it.

These symbols gain their power from the collective consciousness of their user’s, as they are catholic symbols, used widely among occultists and occult practices. Examples of these type of symbols are the cross, the pentacle, the ouroboros etc.

Physical sigils have also been designed in such a way that their “physique” (shape and form) resembles their physical properties. For further details on the physiology of sigils, you can research how certain shapes are connected with certain emotions, research the psychological meanings of everyday shapes and forms and their resemblance to ideas, and also observe the shapes or symbols that are used to represent ideas in traditions around the world.

On the contrary to mental sigils, physical sigils have to be placed physically on the target.


A practitioner could carve a sigil of power on a tool that is used for magickal workings to imbue it with certain properties and/or amplify its potency.

They could paint a warding sigil on the back side of a door or window to avert unwanted energies, beings etc.

One could wear a clarity sigil as a talisman in the form of a necklace during meditation or other workings for a clearer focus and thinking.

 Physical sigils don’t have to be registered through a technique as mental sigils do. The use of these sigils alone is enough to register them in the subconscious mind and link them to the grid of collective consciousness. Although one is free to meditate on them, use them as mental sigils and experiment further.

For a better understanding, think of the previous examples of the cross and the pentacle. When someone uses the cross as a protective talisman, they do not need to meditate on it and register its use through a technique. The belief on the cross is what makes it function. In the same way, when a practitioner uses a pentacle to enforce their magickal workings, knowing that the pentacle is used for certain purposes and that it has certain qualities is enough for it to work as expected.

The catholic belief or knowledge about a certain thing or idea is what gives them their properties, their meaning and their power. If we accept as true that “consciousness creates reality”, then it is simple to understand that magick itself is a way of manipulating and altering reality through the power of will. This in its turn makes it easy to understand the ways in which magickal techniques can create changes in the physical world and finally comprehend how catholic/widespread symbols and collective consciousness work.

Activating or “registering” a mental sigil is simply a way of implanting an idea in the subconscious mind, in order to be connected with the collective consciousness and gain a true value, exist, and in its turn work in one’s mind and give results in the physical world. The seals of power or physical sigils, their properties and what they represent, have already been accepted in the same way that a group of people accepts factual knowledge, thus they already exist in the grid of collective consciousness.

This article is a book excerpt. Read more about Sigil Magick in the book “The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick ”, you can find the book in the following link:

You can also dig even deeper in Sigil Magick in the second book of the series “The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick Vol.2”.

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