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Electronic Voice Phenomenon or E.V.F.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is defined as a range of actions which includes “voices from beyond”. What does this mean? It means an articulated human speech of unknown origin, which is recorded by electronic devices such as radio receivers and tape recorders. Based on that thought, this means that the voices captured by these recorders, derive from incorporeal beings. This in turn, refers directly to what one can conventionally call a “spirit”, an intelligent intangible existence, in the “form of a human”. This phenomena is of great interest since it concerns a vast majority of the living beings – even those who declare the opposite! The Electronic Voice Phenomenon became known when the electromagnetic spectrum started to be researched by pioneers like Edison, Tesla, Marconi and many others. Thomas Alva Edison was probably the first who mentioned EVP, in an article of “Scientific American” on 30 October 1920. “If our personality survives (after death), then it is perfectly reasonable and scientific, to assume that it preserves the memory of our existence, the mind and other qualities, as well as the knowledge one can acquire during their lifetime”. Therefore, if the human personality still exists after what one calls death, it is reasonable to assume that those who leave this earth would like to communicate with those who remain here. “ If this though is true, then, if we are talking of an organ so delicate that it can influence, move or manipulate one’s personality and that can only be an organ, which is able to record.” Edison’s thought was perfectly reasonable, but it was ignored by the scientific community of his era. The spiritualist community also ignored his theories and that was extremely bizarre as Edison was the “link” between the austere scientific world and the experimental sphere of the spiritualists. Marconi and Tesla also received bizarre signals through their equipment. They also could not explain where the signals come from, although many of the sounds seemed to derive from a location very close to the receptors. In 1949, ”The Society of Spirit Electronic Communication” was founded in Manchester, England. The forming of the group was inspired by the work of the Dutchman N.Zwan, who demonstrated to the Council of the International Spiritual Federation that a special electronic device was capable of activating the psychic powers of a human. Equipment like “Teledyne” and “Telewave” derived from that research. Unfortunately, both of these attempts failed! Meanwhile, similar phenomena were noticed by various other researchers around the world. The electromagnetic field appeared to be haunted.

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In 1959, Latvian artist and film producer Friedrich Jürgenson was recording bird songs in Sweden. Upon playing the tapes later on, he heard human voices speaking in Swedish and Norwegian. The topic of their conversation was the bird whistles! The artist repeated the experiment several times and recorded various kind of voices, which he claimed to be from his passed friends and relatives. Jürgenson published his findings in 1964 in a book (“Voices from the Universe). During the same period there was another Latvian researcher, Dr. Konstantin Raudive, who was convinced of the validity of Jürgenson’s research. Inspired by the Latvian artist’s findings, Raudive set up his own equipment and named it “The Protractor”. With the help of his equipment, he was able to record thousand of incorporeal voices and later on he published his findings in his book (Breakthrough). Raudive, died in 1974 and there are reported incidents that he has come in contact through the EVP method with various later researchers.

The messages’ recipients

Konstantin Raudive made a list of the EVP sounds and he categorized them in three distinct sections according to their quality. In the first category, he included the voices that could be heard and recognized by anyone who could perceive sounds and knew the language used by the voices. In the second category, he included the fastest and more subtle voices, which could be detected if one listened the recording carefully. In the last category, he included the voices that were heard in fragments and required a trained ear to be perceived. Raudive along with some other researchers notices that EVP sounds are like a “telegraphic word puzzle”. That was logical, since there is a limited amount of words that could be used on one hand and a plethora of languages which are being used on the other. Neologisms and fragmentary proposals were the rule! These phenomena can be linked with other discoveries of otherworldly creatures, who tried to communicate with people through similar messages. There are messages that were transmitted by the “Virgin Mary” or an “alien group who came out of a landed UFO” which both seamed to be unreal. Several groups have formed over the years who try to spread the “cosmic wisdom” and the messages from our “cosmic neighbors”. John Kill and Jack Valle have thoroughly analyzed that specific issue. Kill especially was the first who got involved with the link between the bizarre otherworldly messages and some bizarre worships, brotherhoods, companies etc., that were both founded as a result of the “cosmic messages”.

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The Big White Noise and the EVP

There is a “Big White noise” which surrounds our acoustic world. If one opens a cyclopedia, they would realize that the “White Noise” is defined as an erratic, constant and vague sound that is neither music, nor speech. It is perceived as a background sound. The “White Noise” characterizes chaos, which is the basic primary material of reality. It is a dynamic of superimpositions. It is the surface of a stormy sea, with all the foam, waves and floating debris and objects on it. The sea comes and goes to this “game” of the cosmic tide. Some argue, that there the “White Noise” also contains figures. This hypothesis might be both false and true. This universal clay is malleable and potentially contains everything in it, so why cannot one assume that it contains every form that one might imagine? On the contrary, since, the “White noise” has no form one might argue that it might not contain specific forms. People are attached to the shackles of the human logic and the perception or reality, but since we are human we try to rationalize everything. There is no other choice! The otherworldly phenomena are adapted to each era and the current perception on a collective and an individual level. Fortune tellers of the 19th century were transmitting messages of the loves ones who had passed away. In the 21st century the current recorders can capture the sounds and reproduce them to .mp3 and .wav. The riddle of this phenomena still forms a mystery!

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