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Dragon Magic

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Seeking for the Mystical Powers of Dragons

Up to this day, people were accustomed to the idea that dragons are either imaginative creatures or beings of a distant fairytale era, and yet there is a large number of people who believe that dragons are real elemental forces, even stellar entities or real avatars. For the latter, there is one theory developed by Nickolas de Vere.

Wicca’s dragons

There is an inextricable link between the applied magic and dragons. For Christians, this link is stated in the book of Revelation (chapter 20: 2), where the dragon is identified as the cursed ruler of the demonic hordes during the doomsday. Things of course are not that simple! The dragon’s symbol – at least as it has been cultivated in western culture – has been identified with the forces of evil. See for example The Grand Grimoire, known as Le Dragon Rouge or Red Dragon. This is a piece created in the 18th century and it includes the ways of conducting a contract with the demons! Few books of “white” magic include information about dragons and how can someone come across one. In this case, the book will most probably be Wiccan! There is no opposition to Wiccan practices but they tend to simplify the basic magical rituals and practices! Take for example Dancing With Dragons: Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom & Power (2002). This is probably the first book of magic about dragons. Deanna “D.J.¨ Conway, the author of the book, who is also a Wiccan priestess, presents dragons as both natural but intangible beings as well as elemental forces. This is why she connects the methods for their summoning with magical stones, herbs, aromatics, and pathworkings. The book, was, of course, a surprise for it era. Although many people – even some of the Wiccans did not support her theories – since it reminds more of a science fiction book than a real book of magic! The reviews for her last book [Mystical Dragon Magick: Teachings of the Fiver Inner Rings (2007)] were also negative. There is a separation between the – this time stellar – dragon levels in five inner rings of the multiverse (Muliverse): apprentice, charmer, shaman, warrior, and mystic! This piece completes the dragon trilogy, which she had introduced in her Wicca when in 1999 she had released The Celtic Dragon Tarot, which except its fantastic artwork, it was a failure!

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Dragons of the devil

Parker J. Torrence issues his Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire in 2002. His approach was more serious than that of Conway. He used the elements of the sea, the land, and the sky to form a full Book of Shadow, which included invocation rituals, spells, and meditation methods that promise a multidimensional experience. However, the author himself believes a lot in his writings. After all, thanks to his magical practices he was able to see a vision of the Great Goddess in 1993, which encouraged him to follow the path of the dragons. It is still difficult though for some to believe in the existence of the dragons… The Wiccan way though is not the only one for the spiritual lovers of the dragons. For the Wiccans naturalists magicians, dragons are forces of high astral levels, wise guides to the psycho-mental initiations but also manifestations of planetary energy. In a sense, these are the functions of the dragons and for another large group of magicians, those who are subject to the left path. 

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The Typhonian secret of the dragons

The identification with the dragon increases the physical and mental power, sharpens the imagination and observation, improve the memory, strengthens the will and the latter paranormal qualities of the human. These are the words, that the magicians, promise to those who wish to call the dragons into their lives. In most cases, any draconian ceremony is based on the psychology of self-immolation. There are of course, some incidents that are not easy to be interpreted, as well as some cosmologies that reject the conventional theories and practices of science. Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian or Draconian Culture is a characteristic example of that approach. What is the famous Typhonian Tradition and in which way is it connects with dragons? The Typhonian Tradition is a magical cosmology or the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis according to which the first tribes of humans worshipped the Primary Mother that was recognized in the constellation of the Ursa Major. To be more specific in Pharaonic Egypt, the astral worships were replaced by that of the Moon (Thoth) and later on by the patriarchal-solar (Ra-Osiris) giving a fully negative significance to the religious customs of the ancients who were personified in the Typhoon-Seth. The planetary correspondence of the god was Saturn, that is, “the planet behind planet Venus”, but also Sirius is the “sun behind the sun”! Consequently, Christianity institutionalized and spread the image of the cosmic objector Seth-Satan. That was briefly the theory of the researcher Gerald Massey (1828-1907), on which Grant was based for the magical works and came in contact (channeling) with outer fields of knowledge. In that way, he understood that the real nature of the Holy Guardian Angel Aiwass was that of the initiate, Seth. The core of the Typhonian culture, that Alyster Crowly with his magical piece imitated in our era. In his piece there the Dragon of the Abyss, where it comes out of the bottom of the consciousness, and vanished all the limitations of the human soul!

The Magical Red Dragon

Consequently, the Typhonian dragon symbolized the manifestation of awakening, the vigilance of the latent forces that crawled in the dark caves of our soul for many centuries. It is not strange that one of the most active and serious battalions of the LHP, the Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis, has a dragon as its emblem. The magical dragon is a winked snake, ie the image of the hermetic start “as down so – up – as up so and down”. The dragon represents the unknown and the hidden energy in humans and nature, as explained by the Dragon Rouge’s initiates. The word dragon derives from the Greek verb δερκειν, which means to see. The dragon is the archetype of pure vision: the ability to see things are they are, beyond all illusions as well as delusions. For these reasons, the dragons in the myths have great wisdom and powers. The wisdom of the dragon is symbolized by the treasure it usually guards. Each human must search in the innermost parts of the world to find that kind of wisdom and knowledge. In Yoga, the dragon is called Kundalini, which is hidden energy found with each human. The Draconian magic path, therefore, tries to lead us to this invisible energy and knowledge and lead us from the unconscious state to the conscious one.

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