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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

“Everything in Chaos is born and everything in chaos ends…” Before I was born (me and every human being), before animals, before Nature was born, before the existence of matter itself, before even the Gods came into the background, there was only one thing, or rather the absence of any “thing”. There was only Chaos!

And today; If we look at the core of existence itself, we will see that everything is energy (basic principles of quantum physics), and Chaos is nothing more than an accumulation of energy. So shall we say that Chaos never died? Why not… since he was never even born!

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What is the Art of Chaos?

The very meaning of the word Chaos, “limits” the mind to limit nothing! Anything is acceptable as long as it seems useful to the user. There is no tradition because there is no need for tradition… It is basically all the traditions of the world, as well as none! There is no doctrine, unless it suits Chaotic for that moment… see you again tomorrow! It is not a philosophy, but one can apply it to his lifestyle and philosophical concepts. It has no rules, it makes them…

The Chaotic Magician may well learn as many traditional practices as he wants, each time taking whatever element he likes and serves him, or forging an element himself. Of course the more knowledge he has the better! But he is not limited to them… He can well create ways to achieve his goal, as he would very simply find a ready-made solution/way. He can very easily use, revise, subvert, create some method of practice because he simply does not accept any truth as the only truth.

All that is needed as a basis is that the Universe exists, i.e. Chaos, and from there on everything exists because they believe it exists.

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However, if there could be such a thing as “rules” of Chaotic magic, I believe they would be:

– I do not believe in any supposed Truth

– I know what I know and from there I choose the pieces of traditions and practices that I will include, or not, or falsify, or create to be most useful to me.

– There are no Deities or Demons, except those which it is convenient for me to believe in at present, and which I have created for myself

– Knowledge is good, but instinct is preferable and better

– “Nothing is real, everything is allowed”!!!

So, are you confused or still? In the end it becomes so complicated because it is so simple!

Chaos and Eclecticism

Most people confuse eclecticism with chaosism. Certainly, the similarities can be (and often are) important. But what separates the two is a small “detail”… Chaotic Magic is eclectic, but Eclectic magic is not necessarily chaotic. Of course, you’ll say “since both systems selectively use whatever bits of tradition they want, doesn’t that make them the same?” So what’s the difference!” The difference is mainly in the principle system.

The eclectic collects some basic “truths” from the various systems and takes them as they are or modifies them to suit his own preference. The chaotic does not collect these basic “truths” because he simply does not need them. The only “truth” that the chaotic needs, is that there are no truths, certainly not absolutes. So in any case, his principles and treatment are similar, different and often contrary to previous ones he had embraced… for that moment at least! So we see that in Chaotic practice, the chaotic is not even limited to the limitations of eclecticism.

Chaos is multidimensional and its possibilities are limitless. And that is why the Chaotic can use “rules” both existing from the most probable or improbable tradition, or even purely created by him, with the same effectiveness, even if he does not believe in them (unlike the eclectics where basic the condition is to believe…)! The reason is simple, Chaos has NO rules, so rules don’t exist… Eclectics operate using rules they believe in, while chaotics operate the SAME, with the SAME rules and/or their own, with SAME results, but WITHOUT believing in them… They don’t need to.

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   What do we end up with? In the beautiful, multidimensional, creative, inexhaustible, limitless... CHAOS. There are no conclusions. Chaotic mystics are practical agnostics. They don't know what the "absolute" occult Truth could be and they suspect that it doesn't actually exist... And the most important thing? That they simply don't care!
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