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Be Your Own Astrologer

Book of the Week # 16

Every Wednesday is BOOK-CLUB day! A day where we share with you our favourite book recommendation for the week!

This Book of the Week is:

Be Your Own Astrologer: Unlock the Secrets of the Signs and Planets

-By Joanna Watters

Most people know their sun sign and the broad character traits that go with it – Leos are leaders, Scorpios are secretive and Cancerians are sensitive. However, there is much more to astrology than this broad brushstroke approach and in BE YOUR OWN ASTROLOGER, best-selling astrologer and tarot reader, Joanna Watters, gives you the tools you need to gain a deeper understanding of your sign and insights into hidden aspects of your personality. Joanna goes beyond the sun signs to look at the importance and influence of every planet’s position in your birth chart. She will guide you, step by step, on your personal astrological journey and you will soon be able to interpret your own natal chart.

Get the Book Here:

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