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6 Scary Prophecies for the End of the World

Humanity to this day has survived several prophecies that saw the light of day and spoke of the coming destruction of human civilization and thus the end of our world. The concept of apocalypse is of course not new. It has been mainly known by the Apostle John, while there are theories that state that human civilization has already experienced several such disasters.

The Apocalypse and the end of the world as concepts have existed for thousands of years and have played a central role in several religious and scientific prophecies throughout the centuries. Some time ago, the news even circulated that Newton predicted the end of the world in a few years in one of his letters.

Of course the scary thing about this whole version is that the predictions say that the apocalyptic events and the coming end will not come quietly, but with absolute chaos. So in this article we will see some of the scariest prophecies about the end of the world!

Prophecies about the end of the world: The revelation of the Maya

The first known Mayan civilization dates back to 2000 BC in the so-called Archaic period and was spread over the areas we know today as Guatemala, Mexico, part of Honduras, and El Salvador. The Maya created complex pyramids and temples, astronomical charts and calendars during their heyday. One of the most historic pieces of the Maya is the calendar that used a 394 year cycle.

Newer Historians and writers have analyzed the calendar and come up with December 21, 2012 as the date of world peace and understanding according to the Mayans, who seem to have predicted the extinction of humanity due to the Earth's magnetic field changing. Many misinterpreted it as the end of the world stating that Armageddon will come on that day. This idea led to the creation of hundreds of books and websites dedicated to doomsday, not to mention the 2012 movie that was released around that time.

Many argue that the Mayan apocalypse prophecy gave us a picture of a world that will end with the planet Nibiru. Others argued that solar flares would shift the earth's axis, causing catastrophic floods. Through these scenarios there was confusion and in some cases hysteria since there were people who prepared for the end of the world, but without it coming at least so far.

Newton's doomsday

We all know Isaac Newton because of his huge contribution to science. But few knew that he had prophesied the end of the world, as difficult as it is to predict such a thing. Beyond his devotion to the sciences, Newton studied Theology, reading the texts extensively. When he read the prophecies of the Bible he thought that they were symbolic and that a Scholar was needed to interpret them.

Newton's apocalyptic prophecies came to light in 2003, and the date for the end of the world revealed in a letter from his personal correspondence was the year 2060.

The "true path" prophesies the end

The "True Path", "the true road" or Chen Tao was a sect created by the Thai Hon Ming Chen. This religious sect had combined beliefs from Buddhism, Christianity and alien and UFO theories. All this together with his own prophecies, since Hon Ming Chen who until now was an Atheist, predicted that on March 31, 1998 and exactly at 12.01 in the evening all people would see god on their televisions before the end of the world.

Apparently the prophecy never came true and Leader Hon Ming Chen moved the revelation to a later date next year. He prophesied that destruction would come from massive floods and demonic spirits, while asking his followers to redeem their salvation by paying for spaceships to come and save them from annihilation. This prophecy which also did not come true only led to the end of the sect and not the entire world.

Is Halley's Comet bringing disaster?

If you believe that life exists at least in some form on other planets, then you might be aware of the prophecy about the end of the world caused by Halley's Comet! Halley's Comet is a periodic comet that appears in the vicinity of the Earth every 75 to 76 years and is the only comet that can be observed with the naked eye twice in a person's lifetime.

When Astronomers announced that the comet would be visible to Earth in 1910, it sent many people into fear and confusion. There were people who claimed that the comet's tail contained the toxic gas Dicyanide that would cause the destruction of mankind.

The media helped develop this panic by publishing headlines about doomsday coming from the tail of a comet. People stopped work and sought shelter in their homes and as the day of judgment approached, they covered the windows, doors and keyholes with towels and papers to prevent the toxic gas from entering the premises. Skeptics who did not believe the prophecy silently watched the night pass while rooftop parties were held in honor of the comet's arrival.

The Prophecies of Shoko Asahara

If you are a catastrophist, then the most immediate thing to do than to wait for the apocalypse is to create it yourself. That's what Shoko Asahara did in 1995. He was a Japanese self-proclaimed prophet of the apocalypse who became the Leader of a sect before he was arrested for selling fake Chinese medicine. Ashahara began gaining an audience after establishing a yoga studio in 1984, claiming to be able to levitate and to have reached total spiritual awakening.

Thus he created the religion Aum Shinrikyo which means "the supreme truth". Audiences numbered around 10,000 in Japan and over 40,000 in Russia, and their cult grew considerably after there were members of the sect running in the 1990 Japanese elections.

As his popularity grew, so did his sense of superiority and god syndrome. Asahara encouraged his followers to drink blood to save themselves from the end of humanity, and predicted that it would come between 1997 and 2000 through mass poisoning. So some members of the sect wanted to create their own apocalypse. On March 20, 1995, members boarded five trains and released sarin gas, killing 12 people and injuring at least 5,500. Asahara was arrested by Japanese authorities and sentenced to death in February 2004.

The Revelation of the "Gate of Heaven"

Marshall Applewhite attempted a career in education, but gave it up after the death of his father, which left him deeply depressed. A few years later Applewhite met Bonnie Nettles, a nurse who introduced him to esotericism. Together they created the religious sect called "Heaven's Gate", that is, the gate of heaven, since they believed that they were divine messengers with a unique mission to deliver the message of destruction to people.

After one arrest Applewhite had the opportunity to teach his gospel in prison. The reason for his arrest was the delay in returning a rental car. After six months in prison he already had a small following. When he was released the two of them traveled to Oregon and California where they convinced several people to follow them. Applewhite then began to preach about aliens who would appear in their spaceships and thus humans would experience mutations in their bodies.

His theories about infinity became more popular when in the 1990s his audience learned about the passage of Comet Hale-Bopp. The leader immediately changed the sermon to say that the comet was the vessel they were waiting to transport their souls to. Applewhite and several of his followers prepared to board the starship by staging mass suicide for the transformation journey. On March 26, 1997, they left this world consuming substances and alcohol, but also through suffocation from plastic bags.

The authorities discovered 39 people who belonged to the "Paradise Gate" sect. This is a typical example of the consequences that religious extremism and the failed prophecy of the end of the world can have.

The Sun will become a red giant

Perhaps such predictions about the end of humanity are no longer developed due to failed prophecies, but it seems that the theme of the end has concerned humanity for thousands of years. Another prophecy says that in six billion years the Sun will turn into a red giant after converting all the hydrogen it has into a Sun. This conversion will cause the sun to radiate three thousand times more intensely and expand 20 times in size.

This radiation will affect several planets and if the Earth stays in the same orbit it will not be able to withstand it. However the end is often presented as a gigantic astronomical and biblical event that fills us with dread. Either way it seems we will never know if the end will come, and maybe we should live our lives with positive thinking and not constantly thinking about some impending doom.

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